Nikos Pagonas

ECE Student @NTUA | Visiting Research Intern @BrownCS


Hi! I am Nikos, a senior undergraduate student of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA. Currently, I am a visiting research intern at Brown CS, and a member of the ATLAS research group. Here, I work on PaSh, a Linux Foundation Project, under the supervision of Prof. Nikos Vasilakis.

My research interests fall broadly into distributed systems and cloud computing. Right now, I am working on:

  • Improving the performance of shell programs by automatically scaling them out to serverless infrastructure
  • Providing fault tolerance for distributed shell execution

My free time is mostly devoted to music. I love singing, playing guitar, discovering new genres, and attending concerts that convey a mix of proficiency and humanity. Occasionally, I like to test the patience of fellow concert-goers by air-drumming.


Apr, 2024 I will be serving as web & publication chair for EuroSec 2024!
Oct, 2023 I participated in the 3rd PaSh research workshop, where I presented our work on SPLaSh!
Sep, 2023 I am joining Brown CS as a visiting research intern!
May, 2023 I have started working on the PaSh Project!